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  • Full Service for Less Realtors® – Most often a Seller Agent at this type of real estate company is the Owner and/or Broker, and has developed a new, more cost effective business model that focuses on providing the very best values for residential real estate sellers. They can sell homes just as fast and for just as much as Traditional Realtors but for lower fees so you can keep more of your equity at closing. Many believe that getting Full Service plus Substantial MLS Listing Discounts is the best way to go. Full Service for Less should not be confused with Flat-Fee Realtors that might provide “Limited Services”.

  • Fee-For-Service Realtors® – Some Seller Agents offer a “menu of services and fees” from which sellers can choose, is not necessary a Limited Service Realtor. As a Home Seller you can normally select as few or as many service as you may want and need from a fee you are willing to pay. The fee is typically based on an hourly rate for the time necessary for the Realtor to preform the services selected. There are typically more than 150 steps needed in the home listing, marketing and selling process, and being able to select your service and fees can be the way to go if you have good experience in selling a home or other real estate.

  • Traditional Realtors® -Typically, Seller Agents are “Traditional” Agents and Brokers who are associated with some of the larger, well known national franchise companies. There is nothing wrong with the “Traditional’ real estate approach, it has lasted for more than 100-years. However these days a number of Traditional real estate companies offer Seller Agents the flexibility to offer you different service levels. So there are some Traditional Seller Agents that can afford to compete by offering consumers a MLS Listing Discount when selling their house. All Realtor Commission are negotiable so it can pay you to shop around.

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